»Thank you for the inspiring conversations.

Uwe Martini, Sales, Société Générale Corporate and Investment Banking, Frankfurt am Main

»Drissia has demonstrated the utmost integrity and professionalism.

Suzanne Price, UK Business Transformation, RWE IT, Worcester

» Drissia was a strong support to bring perspective and challenge situations.

Jean-Luc Daligault, General Procurement, Airbus, Munich

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DSH International HR

Welcome to DSH International HR,

I am an Executive Coach and an Organisational Consultant with a fascination for the endless human potential.

We often see in ourselves and others only the tip of the iceberg of the possibilities that are available to us. We get sometimes distracted by the inner and outer obstacles we encounter along our journey. Sometimes we try hard, look for solutions, change everything outside and still, things are not changing as much and as fast as we would like them to. Why?

Because we do not always see the amazing tresor we all have inside us. A field of potential that is available to us any time: our humanity.

It is the source of every achievement and every challenge we experience along the way. Both individually and collectively. My job is to help you see that potential, to show you where to look for new possibilities. Beyond what you may currently perceive as possible.

I have been working with Leaders, Teams and Organisations everywhere in the world for more than two decades. My clients come with all sorts of dreams and challenges. My job is to help them.

Let´s have a conversation and see how I can help you!

Best wishes / Bien cordialement / Herzliche Grüsse

Drissia Schroeder-Hohenwarth

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Drissia - DSH International HR

Drissia Schroeder-Hohenwarth

I am passionate about coaching executives, teams and companies, and have more than 22 years of international experience in working with people both in small and large corporations around the world.



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