Drissia Schroeder-Hohenwarth

My name is Drissia Schroeder-Hohenwarth. I am a Clinical Psychologist, an Executive  and Transformative Coach, and a Systemic Organisational Consultant with more than two decades experience in working with people in small and large corporations around the world. 

My clients are Individuals, Leaders and Companies everywhere in the world with all sorts of dreams, visions and challenges. I help them thrive individually and collectively in various fields of life and work. 

I have always had a fascination for the human mind and a true passion for purposeful personal and collective transformation. In service of my clients, I bring together a profound psychological and spiritual understanding of our humanness with a systemic tool box and business acumen gained over the years.

This unique mixture of perspectives creates a sustainable impact for clients in all areas, from Personal Growth and Leadership Excellence to Team Spirit and Performance to Culture Change and Organisational Transformation.

We work together online or in-person in many different modalities:

✨Personal & Transformative Coaching and Retreats
✨Executive Coaching & Leadership Development
✨Team Coaching & Workshop Facilitation
✨Diversity, Culture Change & Human-Centered Organisational Development
✨I am also a Teacher, a Writer and a Key Note Speaker.

Exploring the resourcefulness of being unapologetically human is immensely rewarding and impactful.

What I love about my work…

…is to have a space where we are all allowed to be human. I love to see my clients embrace their humanity and transform to their full potential, both at an individual and collective level. I like to see them grow beyond their mental limits, be surprised, change their personal habits for the better, reach another level of trust, become the best they can be, overcome obstacles, and be happier!

I generally enjoy listening more than talking which helps to focus on what is really important and be present with the people I work with. But i like talking as well when I have something to say! I feel good in the connection, the closeness, the trust and the intimacy of a coaching relationship. I give a lot and get a lot from it.

My clients are at all levels of management and from all continents, because whatever roles and responsibilities we have and wherever we come from, we are all just human.

My life is international and colorful

I was born in 1969 in Paris and live currently in Germany. I am French with Moroccan roots and have lived in various countries (including France, Germany, UK, South Africa), worked with so many cultures and in so many countries (more than 20) that I feel in my soul that I am more a citizen of the world than anything else. I work with the same dedication and comfort in three languages: French, English and German.

Like everybody else, I had my share of life challenges, I learned a lot from them, and I think I made peace with both life and my humanness. I am a human being who is not afraid of emotions and integrates on my journey everything life has to offer. I go through life as often as possible with an open mind and an open heart. Some of the lessons I am the most grateful for are the ability to forgive and be grateful, and the connection to consciousness and wisdom.   


I have a background as a clinical psychologist (Masters degree from a Paris University), did my first qualification as a coach in 2006 (ISBW in Wiesloch) and continued to learn since then (Alain Cardon in Paris, ICF worldwide, The Work of Byron Katie in California, Michael Neill´s Supercoach Academy Europe, and the 3 Principles of Sydney Banks in the US). I use amongst others systemic approaches, The Work and the 3 principles, have a good knowledge in psychology and a very long experience in intercultural work. I also use -when needed- a whole range of supporting coaching and psychometric tools such as: Constellation, NLP, MBTI, Hogan or the Work.

Quality gates

I have had along the years amazing international mentors and teachers and ensure the quality of my work through regular supervision, mentoring and on-going learning.

HR experience

Prior to launching my Company in 2007, I worked for about a decade for Daimler and EADS/Airbus in a variety of HR manager roles. My work included talent and executive recruitment, leadership audit and executive development, career coaching, restructuring, change management, HR strategy, due diligence and international Post Merger Integration.

And by the way, in my work today, “HR” stands for Human Relationships.

I look forward to connecting with you!

Drissia Schroeder-Hohenwarth

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I learned from

Supercoach Academy, Michael Neill, Europe and Los Angeles

The Work of Byron Katie, California

Metasystem CoachingAlain Cardon, Paris and Bucarest

Beratergruppe Neuwaldegg, Vienna

Institut für Systemische Beratung,Bernd Schmid and his colleagues, Wiesloch  

Helford 2000, NLP, London

OPP Assessment, MBTI, London

Society for Intercultural Education, Training and Research, Sofia and Granada 

Master in Human Sciences, Clinical Psychology, Université Paris 7

Partners and friends

Arne Priess, HR Contrast, Munich

Bodgan Canda, Transformation Affairs, Duesseldorf

D7, Digitale Souveränität, Germany

Roman Forrer, Satya Gruppe, Swizerland