Organisational Development

#6 Developing organisational structures

Organisational Design There is no ideal design for an organisation. Whether centralised, decentralised, organized by matrix, by product line, by region, hierarchical or without management, all forms of organisation have their advantages and disadvantages. It is important that you choose a form that not only helps your organisation today, but also makes it more sustainable […]

Organisational Development

#5 Mild Factors with a Strong Effect: People and Corporate Culture

Corporate culture plays a decisive role in the development of your organisation: It is the subconscious link between employees. It consists of values, beliefs and unofficial social rules, which are the condition for integration into the group. Culture is a collection of thoughts and behaviors that influence the perception of right and wrong and – […]

Organisational Development

#4 Your Role as an Organisational Developer

The main role of an organisational developer is to find an answer to the following question: What framework do we create as an organisation, so that people can work optimally today and, in the future while working in line with the corporate goals? Many leaders have a predominantly commercial understanding of the answer to this […]

Organisational Development

#3 Elements of the Organisation

As an organisation evolves, the components that make up the organisation  evolve. If you change something in one of the parts, it has a direct effect on the others: 1.The corporate strategy gives meaning and direction. 2.The organisation is the executive power. a) Structure/Roles (Organisational Structure) b) Rules and processes (process organisation) c) People and […]

Organisational Development

#2 What is Organisational Development (OD)?

Definitions There is a lot of confusion around terms and OD is often wrongly classified, so we start by defining concepts so that you understand how they relate to each other. An organisations is an organised social entity; i.e. a group of people who pursue a defined (strategic) goal together through structures, processes, role assignments, […]

Organisational Development

#1 Organisational Development (OD) for Leaders and How to Create your Optimum Organizational Culture:

Organisations must evolve dynamically, be flexible, adapt to market and social developments etc. How do you do that? An organisation is a complex system; it does not develop quickly. Of course, you can change the organisational structure and the processes at any time, but that doesn’t mean that culture and people will change. As a […]

#11_Arungalai Anbarasu, GM, phoenix Industrial X-ray & CT Solutions, GE Inspection Technologies

Arungalai (Aru) Anbarasu is the General Manager of phoenix Industrial X-ray & CT Solutions Company – GE Inspection Technologies, part of Baker Hughes, a GE company (BHGE), HQ based in Germany. Asked what her team would say about her as a leader she laughs and responds that they probably would say that she is authentic. […]

#10_Alexandre Chevalier, Commercial Director, Ex Delsey, Paris, France

Alexandre Chevalier is ex Delsey Commercial Director Europe with a long and diverse commercial experience. He won the manager of the year trophy of the magazine Aktion Co a few years ago. In this conversation we explore together many questions including: why should someone decide to become a manager? From being a scout and wanting […]

#09_Martin Jotov, Managing Director, IQ Structures, Prague, Czech Republic

Martin Jotov is Managing Director of IQ Structures, a nano technology company based in Prague. Martin is not only one of the MDs and owners of this company but also part of the Supercoach Academy Programme where we have the pleasure to learn this year. During our conversation Martin describes how learning about how the […]