#22_Erik Wirsing, Vice President Global Innovation, DB Schenker, Frankfurt

My Podcast Guest today is Erik Wirsing, Vice President of Global Innovation at DB Schenker. Erik is very passionate about the work he does and we had a fascinating conversation about Innovation. I learned a lot! Together with his team, he is responsible for bringing new knowledge and ideas to many different areas of the […]

#21_Dr. Nicole Meier, Betriebsleiterin, BASF, Ludwigshafen

Dr Nicole Meier ist Betriebsleiterin bei BASF im Werk in Ludwigshafen. In diesem sehr offenen, facettenreichen und warmherzigen Gespräch erfahren Sie über Führung in der Produktion aus der Sicht einer Vorreiterin. Wir sprechen über viele Themen: über Kulturveränderung in einem Produktionsbetrieb, über Produktion in Zeiten von Corona und Transformation, darüber wie sie als Frau in […]

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#20_Vanessa Bauschatz, Head of Marketing and HR, ZF Mobility Solutions, Munich

Vanessa Bauschatz is responsible for Marketing and HR at ZF Mobilty Solutions in Munich. We had a wonderful conversation about being a successful young woman leader, her leadership principles, the importance of having and giving support and her fast learning curve. We also talk about leadership and purpose, about start up and corporate, about namaste […]

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#19_Vivian Breucker, Schulleitung, Offene Schule Köln

Vivian Breucker, Schulleitung der OSK Schule in Köln. In diesem Gespräch unterhalten wir uns über den Change Prozess der Gesellschaft und wie die Rolle von Schulleitung in der Welt von heute und in Zukunft sein könnte. Sie erzählt über selbstorganisierte Führung und ihre Rolle in einem sehr agilen Leitungsteam, wo situative Führung entscheidend ist. Es […]

#18_Alain Cardon, MCC Coach, Author, Speaker, CEO of Metasysteme, Paris

Alain Cardon is the CEO of Metasysteme, an internationally recognized Master Certified Coach, a Systemic Thinker, a Speaker and the Author of numerous books. With his profound need for independence and his lifelong quest for personal development and expansion Alain has pushed the boundaries of the application of systemic thinking to his personal life, his […]

#17_Christiane Laibach, Chairwoman of the Management Board, DEG, Cologne

My guest in this podcast is Christiane Laibach who is Chairwoman of the Management Board of the DEG, a development finance institution that is part of the KFW Group.In the first half of the interview we talk about her leadership journey and learnings from a long experience in the field, incl. leading in times of […]

#16_Edith Wolf, CEO Vector Foundation/Vorstand Vector Stiftung, Stuttgart

Edith Wolf is CEO of the Vector Foundation, in the field of automotive electronics. In this very honest and lively conversation, Edith brings us behind the scene of the foundation and her role as a CEO. I learned a lot about its function for the company and the society and was surprised how big this […]

#15_Architecture Connect Event Innogy: „Loving our Human Mind“ with Drissia Schroeder-Hohenwarth

How to speak about the magic of our human mind in a corporate environment? How to speak about it when the challenge your public is facing is real? When thousands of people are preparing mentally for a change they have not chosen, when they know it will have an impact on them and certainly on […]

#14_Gordon Gerrard, Conductor and Music Director, the Regina Symphony Orchestra, Canada.

Gordon Gerrard is Conductor and Music Director of the Regina Symphony Orchestra in Canada. He shares with a lot of sensitivity how he understands his role but also his relationship to the music, the musicians and the orchestra. Calling it “cooperative leadership”. He talks about the importance of intuition, of sensing and being present. How […]