Who You Are Matters

Who you are matters: your natural leadership, presence, wisdom, well-being, and clarity matter in everything you do. We all have natural leadership. Not a leadership we learn or we have through our role, but a leadership that comes from who we are. You have that, too. When you uncover that part of you, it makes […]

RETREAT FOR THE SOUL, 05-08.10.2023

Reconnect with yourself in the heart of Provence Walk with me on a path of self-exploration. You will reconnect with the essence of who you are, and the side of you that you will see will surprise you and make you smile. Our work together will be more about being than about doing. You will […]

Quiet And The Mind

If you don’t know what to decide, have a break. If you are not ready to say yes or no, sleep on It. If your mind is agitated, go for a walk. If you are sad or angry, let it be and breathe deeply; the feeling will pass. If you don’t see the end of […]

Touching Our Essence

My new Medium article is now published! “Dear Drissia, just to tell you that yesterday went super well! Can you imagine that at a certain point I felt my essence while talking and watching the room?” This heartwarming note may not mean much to you, but it was a huge breakthrough for this client! It […]

Digitale Transformation: Was ist mit den Menschen?

Datum: 1. Juni 2021 und 16.06.2021 Registrierung: D7. Digitale Transformation: Was ist mit den Menschen? Webinare mit Drissia Schroeder-Hohenwarth über die Implikationen der Digitalisierung für die Menschen “Was ist mit den Menschen?” Die Digitale Transformation fordert nicht nur Unternehmen heraus, sondern auch die Menschen. Anforderungen an Skills, Prozesse und Arbeitsweisen ändern sich. Kunden haben andere Erwartungen. Eine neue Generation […]

It’s time to pursue your company’s dreams… Because if not now, then when?

The crisis is the opportunity for many companies to do things they didn’t do before… … pushed by necessity, suddenly things that always seemed impossible are happening step by step everywhere… all sorts of changes… Some of them are painful, some hopeful, some are just neutral and have to be done. But… What if you […]

Transformative Conversations In Times of Lockdown (Week 3/6)

Dear Guests, we are almost half time of our journey of exploration and I would like to go with you deeper and further.. see what else we can see behind our habitual thinking and start going beyond how we see the world… Last week we took care of some parts of us that need attention some times. […]

Are you a pessimist, an optimist or a realist (what ever it means!)?

We all live in separate realities, not only the ones outside of us but also the ones we create in our heads. We imagine things and they feel real, the good stories, the bad stories, the good future scenarios, the bad future scenarios.. human beings are creators.. and we all have our own habits of […]

This Force inside us

What is happening can feel overwhelming sometimes but there is a safe place in us. A place we can go to anytime. A force we can trust. It is our mental backbone, the center of who we are, the place where our creativity and joy come from but also where we find inner peace and […]