Leading Transformation without understanding the Mind is a Sisyphean task!

This picture was taken some years ago at an interesting Future Lab event of the Hernstein Institut für Management und Leadership in Vienna. Time flies.. after fb reminded me of this moment, it was a good opportunity to reflect. A few years later, a few years older, further, wiser ? The themes that drive me, […]

I am a traveller…

I am a #traveller…. #iloveit … i travel a lot.. for #work, for #learning , for #fun , out of #curiosity#interest#nomadelife .. enjoying the #world and total #freedom.. it is so important to me.. “It must be #stressful!!” I hear often.. no it’s not #😁 I love it. I really do.. #really#💕 Of course i #cannothaveitall .. there are some things I cannot do that I would love to do .. attending a #Tango class regularly or […]

New transformative coaching offer coming soon!

#transformativecoaching #💕 As I am preparing for my #summer break.. I wanted to share with you a glimpse of what I am preparing for fall.. #😍#websiteupdate with new offers #retreats

#16 Conclusion: Embrace your Organisation with Humility

Do you sometimes have the feeling that you are already doing quite a bit right and yet things are not going as you would like them to? – Probably you are right, and maybe you still have something to learn. Don’t overestimate your power. I meet board members and CEOs who are perplexed when everything […]

#15 And last but not least: Communication

How balanced is your presence? What is your style? What do you radiate? What do your employees associate with you? Peace, authority, trust, collegiality, closeness, distance, fear, bureaucracy, creativity? What would you like to radiate? Whether you like it or not, as an leader, you are in the limelight. Since the people in an organisation […]

#14 The Mood Barometer

Moods are very natural human states of minds. The better you understand them, the more successful you will be as a leader. So let´s have a look at it! First of all the mood in your organisation will give you clues as to whether you are on the right track or not with your OD […]

#13 Emotional cycles of change

You may be familiar with the “change curve” which is an adapted form of the 5 phases model described by the American psychologist Elisabeth Küble-Ross. It is found in every book on change management. The author describes the phases of emotional processing of grief: 1. Denial, 2. Annoyance, 3. Negotiation, 4. Depression/Pain 5. Acceptance. What […]

#12 Memory of the Organisation

A few years ago, I was regularly flying to China to support the development of various divisions and locations of a European industrial corporation.   In one particular division that I worked with intensively, my assignment was to evolve this department from one of fear, destructive internal competition and dependence to one of self-awareness, team spirit […]

#11 Case Study: Leadership eats culture for dinner

“Culture eats strategy for breakfast”, the famous slogan of the successful Management Instructor Peter Ducker, already quoted in a previous article, reminds us that you cannot implement a strategy without considering organisational culture. However, in a modification of Peter Ducker’s well-known saying one can also say: Leadership eats culture for dinner. The following case study illustrates […]