Executive Coaching

Coaching is an extraordinary learning and growth experience, which gives you the opportunity to address both professional and personal issues of importance to you in a safe environment.

Through a partnering and trustful relationship I will walk with you on your journey to reach what ever goal you have set yourself and maybe to further achievements.

Coaching is a thought-provoking and creative process, which is full of surprises and discovery.

Bring some curiosity with you and you will really enjoy the journey!

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Team   Coaching

A team of any description creates its own culture: different tasks, visions, skills, experiences and personalities are thrown in the mix.

In an international context there are also different cultures and locations spread around the globe. Sometimes team members rarely see each other.

Those teams whose objectives are to achieve the best results are often faced with unexpected challenges that can negatively impact on their results, their well-being and their team as a whole.

It’s my job as a team coach to help them reach their full potential for the benefit of everyone.

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Corporate Coaching

Is there such thing as coaching a company?

Yes, there is. When I coach board members, key decision makers and top-level executive teams on topics that go way beyond their personal and professional development, it has a significant impact on the company results.

When the main purpose of the coaching conversations is to address the complexity of the organisation, achieve better business results or aim at changing the organisational culture than it is a company coaching.

Why is it coaching and not business consulting then?

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tansformative coaching

Transformative Coaching

The beauty of who we really are

Beyond the limits of our life experiences, memories and who we think we are, there is a place within us where the divine touches us. A place beyond the labels or how we or others define us. A place which is untouchable.

It is ok if we don’t feel it sometimes, some experiences are painful and we can innocently be caught in our head and our stressful thoughts every now and again. This is also part of being human.

This part in us I am talking about which is connected with the Devine is different. It is safe and is always there. It is our part of clarity and innate sanity. It is our source of beauty, love, creativity, and connection. It is who we really are.

Let us go there. Let us find it. Let us meet there so that you can connect with the beauty of who you are. When you have reconnected with your source you can become anything. From there you can do anything!

Let´s have this transformative conversation!