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Beneath the surface

Beneath the surface of organisations a lot goes on.

There is culture, the way people do things around there.

There are written and unwritten rules.

There is creativity and cooperation.

There is power and fear.

There is complexity.

Everything is happening at the same time and everywhere.

All this is the engine of organisations and needs to stay balanced.

Sometimes it´s out of balance. Either too comfortable or too stretched.

Whether balanced or unbalanced it is at this level of perception and intervention that I work with your company. Because it is beneath the surface that deep changes really happen.




We set a framework for our cooperation and start co-creating the transformation process. I usually have as many good questions as answers, and the balance is often why I am so helpful for you.

With your knowledge of the company and my perception of it from outside, we build the perfect team.

I have a strong intuition and an experience gained over 20 years of working with people in organisations. I use both to help you.

I share with you what I observe and sense, and we work together to create something powerful with long-term effect.

I coach you and your key players so that you can take full ownership for the change and your future.

My clients usually see me as a caring but also as a challenging sparring partner who questions the status quo and thinks outside the box.


My interventions are minimal. I don´t come with a huge change project planning and a whole team of consultants. I believe that you can very often get the greatest impact with the smallest interventions.

What ever result you want to reach, coaching your company means coaching you and other key players so that you can make use of all the potential and resources available around you.

When the seeds for new ideas, change, cooperation, constructive communication and creativity have been sown, you will all continue to carry the process until the change has spread in the organisation and reached the tipping point.

When behaviours have adjusted and the organisation is moving in the right direction, you will need me less and less, and at some point, not at all. I will be proud to leave.

always a lot at stake

A case story

The decision has been made that the IT part of the company with 20,000 people in 25 countries would be first carved out and then sold. This was of course an enormous task also for HR.

For the Global Head of HR it was obvious that the process could only be successful if all parties involved cooperated: US, Germany, France, UK, Italy, Asia, Eastern Europe, Latin-America.. It was also clear that if the HR board was not able to cooperate on this project the rest of the HR organisation would not follow. The problem was that they were not used to it -not this way, not so quick, not with such a visible impact for any company buyer.

To ensure that decisions were properly understood, supported and implemented in all countries, the Global Head of HR invited the HR Directors to come together every few months for 3 days off-site, and asked me to support the process.

My job was to help this group of HR Directors from different countries to make key decisions together quickly. They were actually no team, just 17 HR key players partly with diverging interests but sitting in the same boat. The experience was new, the time short, the level of stress high. There was a lot at stake.

In the first session they had to set up the scene, get to know each other and decide what results they wanted to achieve and how. My role as a coach was to offer them a safe containment where they could choose a way to go through the process in a constructive and effective way and to facilitate the talks.

Step by step they could work on relationship and trust, discuss the issue of power, negotiate positions and learn to respect each other for their differences. In critical topics where the risk of getting stuck was high, my role was also to help them talk through all the issues in a constructive way and find solutions.

In the first meeting, the what, who, when and how of the decisions were clarified. In the following sessions they went deeper and deeper into the more technical issues of the preparation of the carve out.

The basis for communication was already set so that the process, although intense, could go smoothly. It took them about a year to prepare the “bride” for the sell and they did it together with their respective teams.

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Claire Baillet, Senior VP Marketing EMEAI, Interfaceflor, Brussel


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