Executive Coaching


Each client is unique.

You have your present needs, your history, your personality, your life and your work. You also have a whole range of visible or hidden resources as well as your objective and current limitations.

I work with you and everything that you bring with you and kindly want to share with me. I stand by your side until you find out what is best for you and don´t need me anymore.

Together we build a good team to help you grow and achieve your goals.

It is also surprising how differently you can see the world when you step back and think.


I have no one-size-fits-all recipe for your coaching. Each session can be different.

I listen to you and find in the moment the question or the observation that could help you. I trust my intuition. It is no magic, just a deep presence with you.

I also give you the space that you need to listen to your own inner voice. This is the power of silence. You will be surprised what resources you can find inside yourself when you listen.

Sometimes you need something else: more structure, more feedback, more action. You can get this as well, if it is what you need.

We can work face-to-face. In your office or in mine. But also on the phone or via video.


Coaching is extremely powerful for your personal development but also when it comes to finding yourself answers for the questiosn you may have in your personal or professional life.

Sometimes you have a clear objective and know exactly where to go but not yet how to get there. Sometimes you just need a safe and quiet place to reflect about what is going on in your life or your job so that you can come up with the right inspiration and decide about the next steps.

There is not one way to use your coaching time and space.

In any case, you will feel that it gives you strength and clarity.

What can I talk about in a coaching session?

Pretty much everything!

It is up to you:

  • You have to sort out your life for what ever reason?
  • You have a big decision to make?
  • You are starting a new job?
  • You have dreams?
  • You wish to develop in your career?
  • You need to communicate better?
  • You want to talk about your team?
  • You position yourself in the politics of your company?
  • You want to solve a conflict?
  • You just want to grow?

There are no real restrictions about the topics you can address apart from some ethical ones that I have as a professional Coach and that I follow as an active member of the International Coach Federation.

But we can talk about this if you wish and you can also have a look by yourself if you like: ICF Code of Ethics.

The coaching office where we would meet in Cologne.

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