#17_Christiane Laibach, Chairwoman of the Management Board, DEG, Cologne

My guest in this podcast is Christiane Laibach who is Chairwoman of the Management Board of the DEG, a development finance institution that is part of the KFW Group.
In the first half of the interview we talk about her leadership journey and learnings from a long experience in the field, incl. leading in times of crises where being calm and emotionally stable were key to go successfully through the storm with a united team. In the second half of our conversation it is about her current leadership role and about change, and the chances and challenges of an organisation that is working in very fast moving emerging and developing markets.
Her beautiful final statement about leadership: “it is about people in its pure sense.. particularly in a finance institution.. this is what we have.. our values and what we stand for is in the heads and the hearts of our people.”

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