#18_Alain Cardon, MCC Coach, Author, Speaker, CEO of Metasysteme, Paris

Alain Cardon is the CEO of Metasysteme, an internationally recognized Master Certified Coach, a Systemic Thinker, a Speaker and the Author of numerous books.

With his profound need for independence and his lifelong quest for personal development and expansion Alain has pushed the boundaries of the application of systemic thinking to his personal life, his teaching and his way of working with clients all over the world. He has impacted thousands of coaches and organisational clients. He shares with us his personal explorations, thinking and examples of client interventions.

For him the exploration around “What is the system behind systems?” is both a quantum and a spiritual question that he has been exploring further and further over decades. Following his intuition and his calling. You know you have a direction by looking back at the rear of the mirror he says.

Doubts are normal, it’s about keeping the northern Star.. A crisis is a reshuffling. Don’t be environment or weather dependent! I always loved my independence, he says.

Enjoy this conversation with this inspiring thinker!

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