#13_Deborah Baron interviews Drissia Schroeder-Hohenwarth about OD for Leaders, Pittsburgh-Cologne

For this interview Drissia Schroeder-Hohenwarth (www.dsh-internationalhr.com) is interviewed by Deborah Baron (www.deborahbaron.com ), who is a Leadership and Transformative Life Coach and former Chief Operating Officer of the Jewish Federation of Greater Pittsburgh. In this conversation they talk about culture and “Organisational Development (OD) for Leaders”. Drissia shares her views and experience with leaders dealing with […]

Leadership Backstage Michael Neill DSH International

#12_Michael Neill, Thought Leader, Best-Selling Author, Speaker, Transformative Coach, Los Angeles

Today I talk with Michael Neill, an internationally renowned transformative coach and the best-selling author of six books including Supercoach, Creating the Impossible, The Inside-Out Revolution and The Space Within. Michael is often described as the ‘coach’s coach,’ and commands extraordinary respect within his field for unleashing the human potential with intelligence, humor, and heart. […]

#11_Arungalai Anbarasu, GM, phoenix Industrial X-ray & CT Solutions, GE Inspection Technologies

Arungalai (Aru) Anbarasu is the General Manager of phoenix Industrial X-ray & CT Solutions Company – GE Inspection Technologies, part of Baker Hughes, a GE company (BHGE), HQ based in Germany. Asked what her team would say about her as a leader she laughs and responds that they probably would say that she is authentic. […]

#10_Alexandre Chevalier, Commercial Director, Ex Delsey, Paris, France

Alexandre Chevalier is ex Delsey Commercial Director Europe with a long and diverse commercial experience. He won the manager of the year trophy of the magazine Aktion Co a few years ago. In this conversation we explore together many questions including: why should someone decide to become a manager? From being a scout and wanting […]

#09_Martin Jotov, Managing Director, IQ Structures, Prague, Czech Republic

Martin Jotov is Managing Director of IQ Structures, a nano technology company based in Prague. Martin is not only one of the MDs and owners of this company but also part of the Supercoach Academy Programme where we have the pleasure to learn this year. During our conversation Martin describes how learning about how the […]

#08_Hervé Aulner, Directeur Commercial, Le Groupe La Poste, Metz

Hervé Aulner est Directeur Commercial dans le Groupe la Poste, avec une force de vente de près de 600 personnes. Auteur du livre “Le Manuel du Chef”, lauréat du Trophée argent du manager commercial de l’année du magazine ActionCo, Diplômé et intervenant à l´IAE School Of Management, Officier chef d´un centre de sapeurs pompiers volontaires […]

#07_Thomas Hungerland, Senior VP South East Asia, Taiwan, HK, Daimler Financial Services, Singapore

Thomas Hungerland is Senior Vice-President at Daimler Financial Services. Currently he lives with his family in Singapore and is responsible for the region South East Asia, as well as Hong Kong and Taiwan. He began his professional career at Daimler a few decades ago in Germany and later worked as a leader in UK and […]

#06_Raphael Robelin, Chief Investment Officer, BlueBay Asset Management, London, UK

Raphael Robelin is Chief Investment Officer of the London based Blue Bay Asset management, acquired some years ago by the Royal Bank of Canada. He describes this function as the “engine room”. We talk about the Brexit and the uncertainty it brings for all. He also still remembers vividly the challenges of the global financial […]

#05_Ishan Talathi, CEO, LeapSwitch Networks, Pune, India

Ishan Talathi is a young entrepreneur, founder and CEO of LeapSwitch Networks. He tells us how he started more than 10 years ago, driven by his early motivation as a young student to be independent financially and to found his own company. He remembers his experiences while he had to grow into an entirely new […]